Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Crunch Time

Oh my goodness. It's the end of the semester, holiday obligations are making themeselves known, and I need to line up winter semester childcare. Help!

Starting in January, until the end of April, I have clinicals starting at 7 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at St. Joes and I need someone to help me with my kids. I would like someone to be here around 6:30, and the main thing would be to get my kids up, fed and off to school. My younger son (age 8) would need to be driven or walked by 8:30 a.m.

It also means that if there is a problem, if Luka is sick and I'm already gone, that the sitter would have to deal with it the best they can. They would have to make the calls to find someone to watch him, construct a velcro wall and stick him to it with some food and videos, or stay themselves...because attending clinicals is mandatory. They've assured us that if we miss a clinical, that those hours will have to be made up and they will find something even more evil than usual for us to do. And when you're talking human bodies...hoo boy, I don't even want to go there.

I will also need afterschool care on Mondays until 7 and Thursday and Fridays until 6:15. It wouldn't matter if it were my house or not.

So...are you interested or know anybody? Let me know and we'll talk money. Contact me at

Or feel free to suggest places to go to recruit some help. EMU Childcare Institute is one place that's been mentioned, I have yet to do that.


Andre said...

Of course I'll help.

Ypsipearl said...

You're on buddy.

Tierra the earth mama said...

I'll help- Mornings are best for me anyway. It will get me up early so I can either go to a class or work and get it over with.

Count me in too.

Ypsipearl said...

Aww you guys are GREAT! When I'm a nurse I'll give you free medical advice to the extent that I really know what I'm talking about.

Tierra the earth mama said...

Cool! I'll be lookin' forward to that Nurse Stacey!