Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Rainforest

I have three new additions to my family. They are little dart frogs, otherwise known as Dendrobates Tinctorius 'Surinam Cobalt' frogs, but for short you can just call them cute, cute and cute.
My frogs look exactly like this.
I was hooked up with these fine babies by one Donn Stroud, Master Vivarium Architect and Amphibian Aficionado. You could have a dart frog vivarium, too! I bet he'd make you one. He seems a little obsessed with it, actually. If you click on that link, don't be put off from commissioning a vivarium by how he's sticking his fingers in that guys mouth. In all my dealings with him, he didn't try that once with me.
Here, you see the tank but the critters are not out and about yet. I had a better picture with the frogs out but my kid had taken the memory card out of the camera.
Here is the tank that was skillfully crafted to recreate a glowing little rainforest. What's cool, too, is that this thing never has to be cleaned. That's reason alone for me to want my whole house to be made into a vivarium but I guess it doesn't quite work that way. The plants within are now just getting their roots down but they'll keep growing. Before long this glass box will be filled with lush flora and fungi in which the frogs can frolic. I just have to dose it with a mini rainforest-sized water misting every other day, and feed them fruitflies and everyone's happy.

The frogs have been here a couple days, and they seem to be settling in just fine. They like to explore their environment by day, and then hunker down under some leaves at night and I turn the lights out for them. I don't know if I have males or females, but if it's a co-ed bunch than they will do some occasional amorous buzzing as they get older.

I did have a couple neighbor boys tap on the glass and otherwise try to startle the frogs for their entertainment. But then I drop-kicked them back to their own houses so I think they're with the program now. All good!

The first day, Luka mused, "I wonder if they're happy in there?" I said, they probably wonder if we're happy out here. I wouldn't mind living in a vivarium. Just put in a swimming pool, a brewpub, a thrift store and a Mexican restaurant. I'd be all set.


Anonymous said...

Can I live in your vivarium with you?? I need the same things--brewpub, pool, some type of restaurants and a thrift shop, just to piss off my "designer everything" mother :)

Hope to see you up at the CB sometime soon :)

Ypsipearl said...

Sure, come on in!

We can't bring our mother issues with us, though. Otherwise we'll need a therapist in there and then it's getting really crowded and not quite the utopia I envision. If we jump in really fast maybe we can give them the slip...

Anonymous said...

Ha! My mother holds her nose when she comes to my "little house" in Ann Arbor, so we are probably safe :)