Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Night, George Carlin


Andre said...

We watched the old "7 Words" rutine on HBO yesterday. I don't think I'd ever actually seen it. great stuff. If only I'd thought to put him on my team in the Death Pool.

Ypsipearl said...

You must think that every time a celebrity dies that you didn't have. But that's the challenge of the Death Pool, so there you go.

Shan said...

This was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy--it was so great to meet you on Saturday :) I found your blog by following one of G's links. (I am so smart sometimes. Ha ha ha).

I added you to my RSS feed, so now you have to update!!

Again, it was so super to put a name to the blog icon :)

PS: GC wasn't on my death pool either,mainly because I wanted him to live for years and years. I hope he worked out his issues with God, if there is one :)

Patti :)