Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Friends Are Like Cabbage

The season is wrapping up. Just one more week to go for vegetables from Box Elder Acres, but in part I'm looking forward to it because with just the three of us, it has been too much. I've frozen what I can, but jeez. It's bad when you shove green stuff into your fridge with one hand and close it with the other, like an overstuffed suitcase.

We got a storage cabbage yesterday. I love those words together, "storage cabbage". It sounds so firm and solid, like a storage cabbage is. I was musing upon the goodness of storage cabbage. It's there for the long haul. It'll take you through the winter, ready to nourish when it's needed. It's so versatile, it'll make a sturdy, hot soup, or a funky salad.

My friends are like storage cabbage. They have been there for me, especially lately with so many changes going on, like adjusting to school and single parenthood. Providing childcare so I can get to class, listening to me complain, and offering up help whenever I need it. Being fun. It's still overwhelming at times just because there is so much to do...I wish someone could go get a mammogram for me.

It's allright though.

And there you go. Comparing my friends to cabbage is about as sentimental as I get.


Tierra the earth mama said...

awww! yer so cute!

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Yep, smelly and long lasting. That's us, allright.