Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally, I Made Something I Can Wear

I've been knitting more, in part because the weather is such good crisp knitty weather, and also as part of my vigorous efforts to avoid studying. I made this hat from handspun that I bought at the last Shadow Art Fair. I made another hat from Noro Iro that didn't turn out, it was the detective hat from the Tracy Ullmann book. It just looked wrong so I ripped it out and I'm going to make a scarf.

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Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Hey that's cute! You know I'm all about the hats. I've started yet another one, but the extreme texture changes of the yarn are fighting me... ah, well, we'll see. You are my "it isn't right, just rip it back" goddess. I tend to fall into the "I knit it, damnit, so it will stay" camp -- but I'm trying to reform.