Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ypsitucky Kernels

Last night I met Shannon at the Corner Brewery to throw down on some Sacred Cow IPAs. We've been talking about meeting for a beer for awhile, and finally it worked out. Greg was also there and he bellied up to the bar with us, disappearing periodically to have a smoke outside after being reminded that he couldn't light up inside, which he kept doing. So, I got to know these folks a little better, the way that one does over fermented beverages, that I'd really only known before as acquaintances.

I brought with me a big honkin' tomato from my garden for Shannon. As the tomato beautifully squatted red before us, it served as a focal point for some interesting discussion about food preservation methods and the undigestibility of corn.

Nostalgiac '70s music was playing last night, so I must have said "I love this song" at least five times, but I only said "I wish I could smell gas right now" only once. I can't remember exactly why, maybe it was because the corn discussion led to talking about ethanol exhaust. That had to have been it. I love the smell of gas and garages.

Anyway, the beer and nostalgia led to a flurry of Itunes buying when I got home. This is what I bought:

The singles Killer Queen and You're My Best Friend by Queen, Siren by Roxy Music, Goats Head Soup by Rolling Stones, I deliberated over buying Tommy by the Who, but I thought I might only listen to We're Not Going to Take It so I'm waiting on that one, and The Gospel Spirit: Loretta Lynn. I'm an atheist who loves old country gospel, go figure.

One of the songs that played last night was one that I always liked, but I have no idea who sings it or the name. Can anyone help me here? It goes like "Sign, sign, everywhere a this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?"


First United Methodist Church of Ypsilanti said...

hmmm, i believe that is The 5 Man Electrical band, but I always thought it was the 80's hair band Tesla, go figure.

First United Methodist Church of Ypsilanti said...

ummm, that comment is from me brooke, my sunday school class has a blog, and i guess it used that address for comments, kind of funny!

Ypsipearl said...

I checked it out and you are correct, Jesusy one! The original was the 5 Man Electrical Band, but Tesla did cover it.

Thanks, Brooke. Getting comments from a church is pretty funny.

Andre said...

The Tesla cover is from their late 80s/early 90s acoustic live album "Five Man Acoustic Jam"... get it? a clever play on the name of the bnd that did it originally.

I now need to tuck my hair up under my hat and ask myself why I know that.

Greg is a trip.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Oh my, I'm feeling a bit blurry after last night's visit to the Corner! Glad you came out, though. We need to get you a blinky light and then I will come pick up you up on the bike. It was a delicious night to be out pedaling.