Friday, September 21, 2007

I Have to Rave

I signed up for a membership at Washtenaw Community College's new Health and Fitness Center a couple weeks ago, and I finally went today to swim after I dropped the kids off to school. The place is fabulous! I was hooked in because I love to swim, but I usually don't swim indoors. Indoor pools usually seem so clammy, and I feel crispy just thinking about winter chlorine skin immersion. The lap pool that they have, however, is surrounded by windows and filled with natural light. I had heard that they don't put chlorine in the pool at all. The lifeguard there today said they may put in some but it's mostly salt. I could tell, too, by the difference in buoyancy. They played music in there, too, which always helps to get me going.

The place is like a spa. It's all new, and environmentally friendly. The toilets have two different flush modes, one for Number One and one for Number Two. The bathrooms have saunas and whirlpools. In the locker room they have something called a Suit-O-Matic, where you put your wet bathing suit in and press down on the lid, and the machine spins it dry. As an Amish wannabe, I was like, GOLLY! I love it when appliances have "O-Matic" in their name. It couldn't be better unless they detailed my car while I was in there.

They supply shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair dryers, towels, deodorant, hairspray, mouthwash, q-tips, all kinds of crap. And that is the deal that will tip me over to actually going on a regular basis because I hate packing all that stuff. It's like camping, I want to be there but I abhor getting all the stuff ready. It's because I'm lazy. I guess I wouldn't really make a good Amish person after all.

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YPR said...

You're still doing better than most people, Amish-wise. Glad to see you've found a place where you can do all that health kind of stuff you like to do.

Just two days ago, Richard was telling me about the car detailing business he used to have in Concord. Combining that with spa services would be a good idea; you may have something there.