Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here we are, the semester has ended and I made it through. I need to catch up with cleaning and organizing the house, but I am one semester closer to achieving my goal of becoming a mercy killer. Woohoo! Nursing school is pretty tough, I must say. You folks out there, I will tell you right now that nurses are actually required to know stuff. They're not dumbing anything down just because of some projected nursing shortage. You may now be hospitalized with full confidence in your nursing staff. Just watch out for those nosocomial infections!

My clinical was very cool. I was at Chelsea Community Hospital, and our instructor let us do other things besides work with patients on the med-surg floor. We got to spend a day in the operating room, the emergency room, and the ICU. The operating room was interesting but I think it would be boring to do every day. I liked both the ICU and the ER, there's just lots going on. Fascinating stuff... not just physically/medically, but with family dynamics, the whole thing. People are so interesting.

Wrapping it all up was a little rough. Last weekend I had one kid in five Oliver Twist shows, I had parental volunteer obligations for that, I was stressing about my last exam, and we all got sick. As soon as my exam was over, relief set in but not too much relaxing because then I had to catch up with kid appointments and start getting ready for the holidays.

I did indulge myself in some celebratory shopping at my new favorite store, the Getup Vintage on State St. I was building up the static cling in my hair there when my phone started going off with repeated text messages from my kid "I need Rockband 2" "I need Rockband 2" "Pleeeeaaassse Rockband 2". I sent back... you have to wait for Santa.

One of the appointments I had to deal with was with the oral surgeon to get two of Luka's teeth pulled as part of his braces prevention program. We did that yesterday and he was not too happy about it. The procedure went fine but afterwards he had some pain in his mouth when the anesthesia wore off. To ease the whole experience, I reminded him--the Tooth Fairy gives bonuses for surgically-removed teeth!

Of course my kids are onto the Santa/Tooth Fairy ruse but we play the game and it's more like I'm the spokesperson for United Mythical Workers Local 1011 now. Evan says, did you "talk to Santa" about Rockband 2? I told him that Santa had no comment. Luka says, I wonder why the tooth fairy left my teeth under the pillow? I said, the tooth fairy thought you might like to keep those teeth because they still have their whup ass roots hanging on them!

I knitted a few things along the way, too, the major one being a lace wrap that I worked on all summer long. I have to take some pictures and post those.

Ahhh... life is good. I love a feeling of accomplishment.


Andre said...

Wow, this is your first post n ages!

jules said...

I can't wait to see the lace wrap! Congrats on slopping through the semester. A big Woo Hoo for you, sista. And hey, there's such a thng as a braces prevention program? I had no idea. Wanna have lunch or sumpthin' next week?

Ypsipearl said...

I've been busy, Andre! Very, very, very busy. But now I'm in slacker mode.

The braces prevention program involves getting teeth strategically pulled so that they come in much straighter than they would have if you didn't make room. And then the orthodontist will still say that the teeth should be tweaked a little straighter for $5,000. That's what Evan's braces would have cost but I think they look fine!

Lunch, yes!

Andre said...

Happy New Year!