Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Girl with the Golden Patella

My little black velvet painting of a girlie had patella surgery a couple weeks ago on her back passenger leg. Holy crap it was expensive! Apparently her back driver side leg also has a luxating patella, but not as bad. The orthopedic surgeon at MSU Veterinary Hospital said that she may eventually need surgery on that knee as well, if it becomes clinical. Not since nursing school has "clinical" seemed like such an ominous word.

It was all worth it though for my favorite daughter. She was gone two nights and we missed her terribly. Evan kept muttering, "I miss Junie" and Luka bawled when he found out she was gone overnight. The cat just did not console. Lulu is pretty cute but she can be an asshole. She doesn't really give me the respect that I deserve as the alpha mama. One redeeming quality she does have is that she's entertaining to watch as she waddles after critters in the backyard. The wildlife is safe, though, because she's a poor excuse for a predator.

I just have decorative livestock.

Here Juniper is, cowering because the camera clearly is an instrument of terror. I made her pose next to the bloodroot in my garden, one of my first flowers to bloom in the spring. I hope it symbolizes a new spring in my girlie's step. Interestingly, about three feet northeast of her as the crow flies, my hellebores is blooming. I planted it several ago and this is the first year it's bloomed.

Her ears come back after I ask her if she wants a chewie.

Last night Brooke and I took the kids to Detroit Roller Derby. The Detroit team, the Motor City Disassembly had a bout with Killamazoo. It was great and the kids loved it! They were much more crash 'em up than when they play the other Detroit teams. I love how the trashy cheerleaders make it child-friendly by bringing the kids in to dance and play with hula hoops during intermission. They also passed out Miller Lite necklaces and action figures to the kids. Luka got a Lavagirl but he didn't want it and so he picked out a matchbox car instead. I decided to put Lavagirl in my garden, here she is riding a cricket. She fits in well with the rubber snakes that I got from The Rocket and coiled around rocks and branches in my yard. I'm liking the action figure fairy in my garden.

Thank goodness the flowers are finally blooming. May they bring you a spring in your step as well.


Andre said...
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Andre said...

Lavagirl is getting freaky w/ that cricket!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like wholesome family fun.

John has our garden full of stuff... a frog band , Tingalao (the trashed picked donkey statue missing an ear, named by Cami, lost neighbor), and a chipped statue of St. Francis, I have suggested burying respectfully. My livestock includes a "morbidly obese" cat, and a giant woodchuck, assorted rabbits, feral cats, possums and skunks, all urban critters. We even saw a deer go strolling down our alley this spring after circling the Hutchinson House.