Sunday, February 3, 2008


The boys and I went for little hike in Highland Cemetery yesterday. Luka and I wore our snowshoes, more for the fun of it because the snow wasn't really deep enough for them. On the edge of the cemetery, there's a path that leads into the woods and is guarded by deteriorating lions. I never walked back there before, because in warmer weather the real deterrent to pass those lions is the lush growth of poison ivy in which they are surrounded. Yesterday, we passed the guards and marched single file until we found ourselves down in some sogginess and then turned around. Good times.

The lion on the right gets to smell Evan's new deodorant. Axe!!


Warren said...

I saw in a commercial that deteriorating stone lions are really attracted to Axe-wielding humans.

p.s. I wear Axe, too, so...

Anonymous said...

I saw your tracks Sunday afternoon and commented to my friend about how somebody was desperate to use their snowshoes.
We saw a herd of deer run through the woods across from the swamp.

Tom (Roach)

Ypsipearl said...

That is funny! That would be us, desperate and trackable, all the way to the blog. It is a good workout, though, you definitely use different muscles getting around in snowshoes.

We were looking for deer but we were so loud that we would have only seen the hearing-challenged ones.