Thursday, January 31, 2008

Then There is That Little Matter of My Sanity

I have been bored out of my mind. I feel like have no purpose. I have been working towards nursing school for the last two years, I got what I wanted, then wham. I had to admit I was in over my head. Now I'm just at home, and I go crazy with the household routine, I feel like I'm a hamster in a habitrail and I get less and less productive. Thank goodness for my friends, because I don't have the social outlets that one gets through work or a partner that goes out in the world. These are the times that I find myself having heart-to-hearts with cashiers.

I think I came up with some things to patch me through and help me feel like a productive member of society until I see if I get into nursing school when I reapply for fall. I want to check into learning Spanish, for one. The other idea is to do something that links local farmers/food with Ypsi schools. I'm not sure what yet--maybe a food tasting event, or possibly a day where the school lunch is prepared with local foods. Something... I was on the Wellness Committee for the schools a couple years ago, and I think there would be the interest there to do something, it would just be a matter of money and making it happen.

Feel free to toss some ideas my way. Kate suggested checking into Slow Food of Huron Valley. I have a Farmer's Market Advisory Committee meeting later today and I'm going to talk to the folks there, too.

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